BOCC Votes 2 to 1 For Resolution Supporting Library

MONTROSE- At a special meeting on Thursday, Oct. 26, the Montrose Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) voted two to one in favor of a resolution in support of the Montrose Regional Library’s ballot issue seeking a mill levy increase, with Commissioner Glen Davis voting against the resolution. Davis spoke prior to the vote; “I have always had a policy as a public official representing the citizens of Montrose County…as a representative of all the people, I try not to tell people how I will vote…when money is involved or a tax issue that will increase your monetary contribution.

“In all good faith as a public servant I won’t take a stand on it… I hope there are no hard feelings.”

Commissioners unanimously approved reauthorization by the Colorado General Assembly of the Colorado Lottery Division in 2018. County Government Affairs Director Jon Waschbusch noted that lottery funds have brought many improvements to the region through Great Outdoors Colorado and other grant opportunities. He listed work completed with the help of state lottery funds, which “are visible in so many projects in the Montrose Community.”

BOCC Chair Keith Caddy said, “That money has been used for a lot of things in the Montrose area, as we just heard. It’s a great thing and we need to continue doing it through the state; we have a lot of things we can do in the Montrose area because of these grants.

“I believe it’s very helpful for our community, giving people things to do and recreation in this area. I think it’s also a good thing for fitness and the general public too.”

In other business, Commissioners unanimously approved Consent Agenda items as well.

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