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Our Favorite Place!

Even on a limited budget, our library has been such a gem to us in this community. I have been bringing my kids weekly since they were infants, and now they love to read. Access to so many books and great programs (like the eclipse day) make me so thankful that we are not missing out on educational and cultural experiences common to bigger cities. Thank you Montrose Library!!


Vote Yes for Our Library

The library is a really important resource for our community. My family uses our library regularly in a multitude of ways. My eldest daughter and her grandmother spend time enjoying the toys and childrens’ programs and regularly borrow books from the childrens’ section. My daughter truly loves the library and I’m excited that there are all sorts of ways for her to enjoy the library as she grows up and her interests change and develop. I utilize the library as a secondary place of work when I need to change my scenery. Our library provides access to books, the internet, computers, a meeting place, research resources and so much more. Vote yes for our library.

Sarah Fishering

Sweet Dreams

My favorite time was laying together in bed with the kids reading; laughing; talking and re-reading some books over and over. We had a blast selecting books at our library. Now, my kids are grown up and my new favorite time is reading to myself. My library is a joy.


Cheryl Gibson

Growing young readers

Vote YES on November 7 (logo)

My young son and I started attending baby and me storytime when he was about 5 months old. We read at home all the time, but being able to come to storytime provides both of us a different venue to enjoy reading and learning. The programs for kids are fantastic, and we always feel at home when we walk into our library!

Beth Meek

Let’s do it for the kids!

I practically grew up in our library, and it was just as magical as you might imagine. From delving into every book I could get my hands on, to learning how to work with a group in library programs, to volunteering as a high schooler – the library was such a vital part of my childhood. I can’t fathom living in a community that doesn’t offer this opportunity to current and future generations. The slight twinge at a tax increase is nothing compared to the magic of experiencing the library as a child (and an adult). Our community needs more accessible experiences for all kids. More funding = more hours open = more staff = more programming … the list goes on. Let’s do this for our kids!


I’m grateful for our Library!

Not only was the Library a free place to go, it was a FUN place to go when my kids were babies/toddlers! We still love to go now, as well!
Reading is a necessary foundation in life. The library is a necessity not only for families who can’t afford books, but more so because it makes it possible for us all to have millions of books available to us!

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”  George R.R. Martin

Lucy Townsend

A place to explore my imagination

The Library means many things to me. It is a safe and comfortable place for my family and I. It is imagination and reality. A place where actual, physical books can be checked out, held and jumped into. A place where audio books can be borrowed for long car trips. I can enjoy fairy tales, mysteries, house plans, history, cookbooks or whatever my heart desires. I love knowing there will always be a summer reading program for my kids to stay engaged in reading, learning, exploring. It would take many words and many days to express all that the Library means to me!


Libraries are Doorways for Kids’ Imaginations

Vote YES on November 7 (logo)

Growing up, my family didn’t have a lot of money. Fortunately a library card didn’t even cost a penny. I read every Isaac Asimov and Kurt Vonnegut novel I could get my hands on, and eventually decided to major in English thanks to those early experiences. Every kid deserves that kind of opportunity.

Jonathan Heath

Finding New Friends at the Library

When I moved to Montrose four years ago, the first event I attended was the Library Book Club. I met someone there who has become my best friend. The continued relationship with my book club friends has helped me me feel at home in Montrose. In addition, I have read many books that that I would have never read. I love the library book club!

Robin Flom

A reflection on our community

Vote YES on November 7 (logo)

A community’s library is a reflection on that community. We’ve had to cut back drastically on hours, programs, services, and staff in recent years, and that’s taking a toll. We’ve had a wonderful library in the past and it can return to greatness, but we need to support it. The proposed mill levy amounts to a tiny contribution from homeowners, but a giant benefit to our region.

Diane Winger

A bookworm

A town with a library was a requirement when my husband and I moved from Denver to the Western Slope four years ago.

Micheline Heckler

Libraries are a Town’s Greatest Asset

Vote YES on November 7 (logo)

The Montrose library has provided educational materials for our family for many years…materials we could never afford on our own but which have helped us homeschool our five children. Our beautiful, well stocked library is “brag-worthy”, and I do so often when praising Montrose. A community that values literacy, education, and resourcing its citizens is a community that will ultimately thrive.

Cindy LaJoy

“I’m a Bookie Monster”

Tania Hajjar (photo)

…read the t-shirt I earned in the public library’s summer reading program when I was 12. I’m still a “bookie monster” today: food-porn cookbooks, the latest novel from my favorite thriller writers, downloadable stories to listen to during long road trips. The library provides all of these, as well as access to the daily paper and glossy magazines too expensive to justify purchasing. The $30 I contribute from my property taxes wouldn’t cover even one of these. The library provides the best value for the money for both entertainment and information!

Tania Hajjar

Programs and Books on CD

Vote YES on November 7 (logo)

The library has the best adult programming of anywhere I have ever lived. I also depend on the extensive collection of books on CD whenever I have to journey out of town. I have discovered many books and authors this way that I probably would have passed over if I had to choose a book to read.

Babs Schmerler

You Can Do Anything

Vote YES on November 7 (logo)

From an early age, my mother told us if we could read, we could do anything. As kids, we would challenge her with “what about..,” but she was right. Later, I learned the reverse is also true. If you can’t read, you can’t do much.

So… go read a book!

Emily Schneider

The Core of a Community

Vote YES on November 7 (logo)

A library is an equalizer. The surgeon and the homeless person both looking for a book on the same shelf. Story times for kids. Computers for those seeking employment. A library brings people together and connects a community.

Rob Brethouwer

Endless Possibilities

Vote YES on November 7 (logo)

The library is essential to community. Our local library provides a great deal of services: audio books, tons of resources for research, a place for kids, and more. I can only hope and imagine what they will do with more! The possibilities are endless.

Robyn Funk

We love the library!

My family loves our public library! With all six of us being avid readers the library is very important to us. A day at the library is like a day at the park for my kids – they love perusing the shelves and choosing their very own books to read. The extra programs and activities the library offers for children are wonderful, too. We hope the voters pass this mill levy – we really want the library opened on Fridays and Saturdays! During the school year our four kids are busy during the week with school, homework, and their extracurricular activities. Friday evenings and Saturdays are about the only times we can make it as a family to the library. Fingers crossed . . .

Emily Maxwell

Library World

Vote YES on November 7 (logo)

I’m a writer. A few years ago, I joined a library writing group and met a group of amazing women whom I’m proud to now call my friends. I would not be the writer I am today without their support and encouragement. Since I was young, the library has been my sanctuary. What is a community without a library? What is a library without the support of its community? It’s as Henry Rollins says: In my world there would be as many public libraries as there are Starbucks. What’s your world filled with?

Allison Innarelli

The library provides more than books.

For many years we have camped near Montrose during the summer. The library not only gave us access to books, but delivered high quality wi-fi so we could keep in touch with family and friends.

Lee Ann and Barrie Riddoch

Thank you to even our tiniest supporters!

Ben's Testimonial and Donation (drawing)

4-year old Ben and his family wrote a letter of support for the Library Election Committee’s mill levy increase campaign, and included the sweetest donation from Ben’s whale bank. We’ll put his 60¢ towards ‘VOTE YES’ campaign bookmarks! Thank you, Ben & family!


A welcome place for everyone!

Kim Floyde (photo)

The Montrose Regional Library reflects the diversity and character of the entire community and offers something for everyone who visits.

Kim Floyde

The library matters to me because it carries on the tradition of providing access to reading materials to everyone.

Ed Hagins (photo)

If it wasn’t for this, I’m not sure what resources would have been available for me as a small child. The public library played a vital role in me learning to read.

Ed Hagins

I deliver a peach pie to the library staff every year

Rod Britten (photo)

This is my way of saying “thank you” to our public servants who so greatly increase my enjoyment of living in Montrose.

Rod Britten

We LOVE the kids library!

McKinley Reichmann (photo)

And my daughter especially loves the little felt station. But I also want my daughter to know that the library is not just a fun place for kids, it’s an important asset for our our entire community.

Photo of McKinley Reichmann, 3½ years old, in front of the felt play area in the kids library

Casey Corrigan Reichmann

I love to read and the library provides me with many choices.

Judy Lokey (photo)

I love to listen to audio books and the selection is awesome.

Judy Lokey

I have a large appetite for knowledge and novels, but a small budget for books.

Dave Segal (photo)

A well-stocked library, open daily, is a quality-of-life issue to me.

Dave Segal

The library is the soul of our community.

Caroline & Joe Evans (photo)

Everyone is welcome. The children’s programs are exceptional.

Caroline and Joe Evans